City Clerk Position Available

The City of Fort Atkinson (population 349) is accepting applications for the City Clerk position. The City Clerk is responsible for all financial duties related to the day-to-day operations, preparing and collecting monthly utility bills, payroll, preparing the annual budget, all reporting, preparing for and attending council meetings along with other duties relating to the position. Requirements include a broad working knowledge of financials and budget, good oral and written communication skills, strong and organizational and computer skills. The part-time position is for 12-16 hours per week but may require more. A letter of application, with a resume and references, can be mailed to the City of Fort Atkinson, Att: Mayor Paul Herold, PO Box 36, Fort Atkinson, IA 52144, or emailed Call 563-422-7052 with any questions. The City of Fort Atkinson is an EOE.

City of Fort Atkinson

Job Description – City Clerk

TITLE: City Clerk

JOB SUMMARY: Under the general direction of the Mayor and Council the City Clerk provides a variety of administrative and specialized work, requiring accuracy, proficiency, confidentiality, and a limited independent judgment. Serves as official secretary for the City Council performing related duties as required by law and/or the City Council.

JOB FUNCTION: Responsible to operate all facets of the city clerk’s position.


The incumbent in this position has the responsibility for determining the priority of all tasks listed subject to the direction of the Mayor and City Council.

Customer Service:

  1. Take telephone calls, respond to messages, or forward messages to the appropriate person.
  2. Route mail to the appropriate person and respond to mail if needed.
  3. Wait on customers, provide information.
  4. Respond to customers’ email inquiries or route them to the appropriate person.


  1. Keep Mayor and Council informed of current issues.
  2. Communicate information to staff.
  3. Perform research for staff, management, and customers.
  4. Send out correspondence and other mailings as needed.
  5. Send and receive faxes
  6. Manage email system and respond or forward when needed.
  7. Update website.
  8. Work with city engineer, city attorney, financial advisor, bonding attorney, and city auditor, as needed.
  9. Compose letters and reports.
  10. Receive formal complaints, verify with code requirements, verify with Mayor, and then (if needed) send notices or information to the appropriate person or agency.


  1. Prepare and deliver meeting packets to the Mayor and City Council each month before the Council meeting.
  2. Post or publish public notices as required. Examples are agendas, public hearing notices, ordinances, budgets, and others as needed.
  3. Attend City Council meetings and other meetings as may be required.
  4. Record, type, publish and distribute minutes of meetings.


  1. Maintain official records of the City of Fort Atkinson. Examples are minute books, resolution books, ordinance books, personnel files, and others.