Minutes September 7, 2022

Fort Atkinson City Council Minutes
September 7, 2022

Mayor Paul Herold called the meeting of the Fort Atkinson City Council to order at 7:00 P.M> on September 7, 2022 at the Fort Atkinson Community Center. Present were: Glass, P. Schmitt, K. Schmitt and Schroeder. Absent: Leuenberger. Also present were Mayor Herold, Greg Barta, Michele Elsbernd, Tom Madden and Ashley Fischer.
No one wished to address the council, Ashley Fischer was attending as part of her Senior Career class.
Mayor Herold opened the public hearing on the proposal to enter into a Water Revenue Loan and Disbursement Agreement. There were no written or oral comments and Mayor Herold closed the hearing. Motion by Glass, second by Schroeder to approve Resolution # 351 authorizing and approving a Loan and Disbursement Agreement and providing for the issuance and securing the payment of $ 424,000 water revenue bonds, Series 2022. Aye: Glass, P. Schmitt, K. Schmitt, Schroeder. Motion carried.
Tom Madden of SHE Engineering was present to explain J.B. Holland Pay Request # 4 for $ 520,206.70 which he stated was all dirt work. Motion by K. Schmitt, second by P. Schmitt to approve pay request # 4 for $ 520,206.70. Aye: P. Schmitt, K. Schmitt. Glass, Schroeder. Motion carried. Pay request # 5 for J.B. Holland for $ 318,275.90 was submitted. Tom Madden stated that this request was more dirt work and the new outfall line installation. Motion by Schroeder, second by K. Schmitt to approve payment request # 5 in the amount of $ 318,275.90. Aye: P. Schmitt, K. Schmitt, Schroeder, Glass. Motion carried. Contract Change Order # 3 in the amount of $7,216.00 was presented for approval. Tom Madden explained the reason for the change order and a motion was made by Glass and seconded by P. Schmitt to approve change order # 3 for $ 7,216.00. Aye: P. Schmitt. K. Schmitt, Glass, Schroeder. Motion carried.
Tom Madden updated on progress of the Well # 2 project. He stated that Shawver was likely to drill the actual well yet this fall with the rest of the project work to be done next spring because of the large lead time on supplies. He also stated a change would have to be made to the well house building. He expects to have a pre-construction meeting yet in September. Mr. Madden presented his contract for engineering construction services for the well project. Motion by K. Schmitt, second by Schroeder to approve the contract as presented. Aye: Schroeder, K. Schmitt, P. Schmitt, Glass. Motion carried.
Motion by K. Schmitt, second by Glass to approve the consent items (August 3, 2022 minutes, clerks reports and claims for August). Aye: P. Schmitt, K. Schmitt, Glass, Schroeder. Motion carried.
Acentek phone 271.70
Alliant elec 2476.93
Badger serv 286.32
Baker/Taylor books 362.81
Bank Iowa has 200.00
Bod. Impl blades 112.60
Bruening rock 269.10
Burt Lib books 24.00
Citizens Svgs taxes 2475.80
Croell concrete 850.60
Decorah Chiro fd phy 3123.00
Drillings starter 4.5 mm 9.90
Fms. Union seed 554.30
Forbin fees 100.00
Fort Lib printing 11.50
Fort Nursery t. shrubs 230.00
Franzen’s repair 655.26
Hawkeye San garbage 6582.49
Hawkins chemicals 495.83
Hoopla books 38.23
Huber’s supplies 372.98
Ia Dept Rev wet tax 296.35
Idnr permit 210.00
Ipers ipers 1553.57
JD Finance bulbs cc 221.84
L. Thomas mileage 32.88
L. Betsinger book 20.00
Luana Svgs int loan 96.04
Marie Riha supp mus 17.38
Marv Smith Ele servi call 172.50
Mediacom internet 283.85
Mick Gage restrooms 285.00
Mid-Amer pub 322.58
NE IA Hous fy22 500.00
NE IA Dust dust 400.00
Northern Ia Const seed mat 80.00
Nationwide Ins bond 123.00
Overdrive yearly 365.52
Post Office postage 88.00
Rausch Const supplies 412.15
Riley’s toner 612.96
Sherwin Will paint 164.22
Iowa Code code 1000.00
S. Kenworth supplies 122.69
Superior Bldg supplies 419.15
U.S. Cell cell 115.61
UPERC admin 1050.41
Wellmark insurance 572.79
Payroll 9202.09
Total 38243.93
Claims by fund
General 22565.26
Museum 11.50
Road use 3258.40
Benefits 3895.79
water 4544.70
2nd well 24.26
Sewer 2893.61
Lagoon 1050.41
Total 38243.93
Revenue by fund
General 35530.17
Museum 500.00
Road use 2809.19
Benefits 458.37
Emergency 70.05
Lost 3363.13
Debt serv 1449.61
water 7028.11
Sewer 17423.06

There were no building permits submitted.
Motion by K. Schmitt, second by Schroeder to approve the second reading of Ordinance # 29 changing the monthly improvement fee for water. Aye: P. Schmitt, K. Schmitt, Glass, Schroeder. Motion carried.
Motion by Glass, second by P. Schmitt to approve the first reading of Ordinance # 30 charging the sewer service charge by dwelling unit. Aye: Glass, Schroeder, P. Schmitt. K. Schmitt. Motion carried.
A new lease agreement with NICC has been signed with the new monthly rate as previously discussed.
Mayor Herold explained why an exchange of property between Paul & James Herold and the city was necessary. This would correct the alley between Fifth and Fourth Street to its proper location. The city will need to take action on this process in the future.
Information was shared with council regarding the Libraries Vangard trust account.
Motion by P. Herold, second by Glass to set a date for a public hearing on the status of Funded Activities for the City of Fort Atkinson Wastewater Treatment Facility Improvement Project. Aye: P. Schmitt, K. Schmitt, Glass, Schroeder. Motion carried.
Motion by K. Schmitt, second by Schroeder to adjourn. Aye: P. Schmitt, K. Schmitt, Glass, Schroeder. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 8:10 p.m

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