Minutes May 4, 2022


MAY 4, 2022

Mayor Paul Herold called the meeting of the Fort Atkinson City Council to order at 7:00 P.M., on May 4, 2022 at the Fort Atkinson Community Center.  Present: P. Schmitt, K Schmitt. Luenberger and Glass. Absent: Schroeder.

A representative of SOO Green was in attendance via speaker phone to inquire if the council had any questions regarding the revised proposed Ordinance.  The council had no comments, questions or suggestion.  Soo Green was advised that the City Attorney would be reviewing the proposed ordinance prior to the next reading.

Tom Madden of SHE was present regarding the Sewer Lagoon Project.  He stated he was so impressed doing business with the JB Holland contractor.  There is a negative change order for the project that the savings were passed on to the city by the contractor.   He made it known that a lot of contractors would have put those savings in their pocket and not passed on as JB Holland did for the City of Fort Atkinson. Mr. Madden requested approval of Change Order # 1 for -$125,379.76.  There was a reduction in cost of gate valves and block for the project and an increase for lift station pumps.  Motion by K. Schmitt, second by Glass to approve Contract Change Order # 1.  All aye, motion carried.  Mr. Madden presented partial pay estimate # 1 for $ 10,948.75 which is basically mobilization.  Motion by Glass, second by K. Schmitt to approve payment of PPE#1.  All aye, motion carried.   Tom Madden also stated that things were still at a stand still regarding approval of the construction  permit for the well project.

Laura Thomas, library director, Lynn Sindelar, Joan Busta and Janice Myers were present regarding the use of the old council chambers in the basement of the library. At the April council meeting the council agreed to accept a donation from Bob Humpal  of a replica of Fort Atkinson business and buildings that would be displayed in this room.   The library indicated they use the space regularly and it is a convenient space for their many programs.   Council indicated that the display would be set up and then would see what space is still available.  Council stated that the community center was always available for their use.

The Flower pots were discussed and it was decided not to have them this year as a cost saving measure.

Ordinance # 24 regarding building size requirements and ground mounted solar systems was introduced for its second reading.   Motion by K. Schmitt, second by Leuenberger to approve the second reading or Ordinance # 24.  All aye, motion carried.   Motion by P. Schmitt, second by Glass to waive the third and final reading of Ordinance # 24.  All aye, motion carried.

Motion by Glass, second by Leuenberger to approve Resolution # 339 increasing rental fees for the Community Center.  All aye, motion carried.

Motion by Glass, second by P. Schmitt to approve Resolution # 338 approving the Fy2021-22 budget transfers.  All aye, motion carried.

Motion by K. Schmitt, second by Glass to set the date for a public hearing on the 2021-22 Budget Amendment for June 1, 2022.   All aye, motion carried.

Acentek’s franchise is up for renewal.  Discussion included service provided to city buildings and franchise fees.    The council is requesting that the best available internet be provided to all city buildings if needed and indicated a 5% franchise fee be included in the document.

Motion by P. Schmitt, second by Glass to approve the Agreement between Rachelle K. Thompson and the City of Fort Atkinson to preform the required annual exam for FY 2021-22.   All aye, motion carried.

Motion by Glass, second by Leuenberger to approve the consent items (minutes of April 6, clerks reports and claims for April)  All aye, motion carried.


Acentek phone bills 264.92
Alliant electricity 2182.42
Baker & Taylor books 51.74
Bank Iowa HAS contrib 200.00
Bruening Rock rock 421.67
Capital One cemetery markers 1524.07
Citizens Svgs Bank taxes 1411.19
City Laundry supplies towels 193.56
Decorah Tech computer & tech support 1409.99
Des Moines Stamp stamp 28.70
Farmers Union hinge gate park 28.00
Forbin agreement 100.00
Franzen Sales ship samples 19.37
Hawkeye Sanitation contract 2121.33
Hawkins chemicals 510.01
Hubers Store supplies 150.55
Ipers IPERS 1100.15
Iroc Web web site 315.00
John Deere Fin supplies 138.47
Junior Lib Guild books 221.76
Kory Karnik gym monitor 369.75
Krivachek Janitorial towels 166.68
Mediacom internet 283.85
Michele Elsbernd supplies & imfoa dues 99.76
Mid-American Pub publish 254.90
Monticello Lib books 12.00
Lee Fischer clearing at water tower 3795.00
Postoffice stamps/postage 80.00
Riley’s toner cartridge 171.87
Treas Iowa sales tax 752.52
SHE engineering 10433.87
Treas Iowa state withholding 795.00
US Cellular cell phone 104.19
UPERC sewer project 548.17
Waukee Lib doll clothing and accessories 11.65
Wellmark health insurance 572.79
Winn Cty Engineer salt and sand 1320.60
Payroll April 5650.98
Total 37816.48
Claims by fund
ARP funds 12304.24
Library 959.94
Road Use 3037.35
Benefits 1501.82
Emergency 3016.00
Water 27449.26
Sewer 82547.90
Sewer lagoon 28982.04
Total incl trans 159798.55
Revenue by fund
General 48742.10
Road Use 4103.27
Benefits 6273.21
Emergency 945.34
Local Option 3247.60
Debt Service 22805.07
Water 4891.78
2nd Well 20000.00
Sewer 9259.78
Sewer Lagoon 80000.00
Total revenue including transfers 200268.15


Building permit for 105 1st street was submitted for approval.   The council had questions regarding the permit and it was approved pending a drawing be submitted and if the building will have a concrete floor.    All aye, motion carried.

Motion by K. Schmitt, second by Glass to approve Resolution # 340 requesting funds from the Winneshiek County Solid Waste Agency.   All aye, motion carried.

A quote was received from E. & D. Repair regarding the city portion of the deteriorating Rogers Creek bank east of the Highway bridge.   This was tabled for now.

Greg Barta stated that the Oak Hill Cemetery has been surveyed and he has been installing corner markers.     It was discussed to develop a proper deed for purchasing plots.

A recent Municipal Infraction was discussed, the clerk will contact the city attorney to discuss.

Kay Schmitt advised that the City was included in a grant about the Native American Project which will provide the City of Fort Atkinson with a Kiosk.   The City has to decide what to highlight on the Kiosk.  Kay has contacted several residents to meet and discuss the project.

Motion by Glass, second by K. Schmitt to adjourn.   All aye, motion carried.


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Paul Herold, Mayor                                                                                         Michele Elsbernd, City Clerk