Minutes June 1, 2022



JUNE 1, 2022


Mayor Paul Herold called the meeting of the Fort Atkinson City Council to order at 7:00 P.m., June 1, 2022 at the Fort Atkinson Community Center.  Present:  Herold, Glass, P. Schmitt, K. schmitt, Luenenberger and Schroeder. Also present: Michele Elsbernd, Greg Barta, Ron Franzen, Scott Sindelar and Tom Madden.

Scott Sindelar addressed the council inquiring about an alley running east and west between 10th and 11th. Avenue. He may sell lots and was wondering if the city would be interested in vacating the alley. He will have six total lots. Barta brought up a display of the property and explained where current water and sewer lines were located. It was the consensus of the council to leave this as an alley for now. Sindelar indicated the cost of fireworks was up considerably and after discussion all agreed to not have fireworks in Fort Atkinson this year.

Tom Madden was present to request approval of PPE#2 for the Lagoon Project in the amount of $ 548,629.04. He stated this was mostly for stored materials and a little construction work. Motion by Glass, second by K. Schmitt to approve PPE#2 All aye. Motion carried. Madden also stated that on June 1st the DNR approved the construction permit for the new well. He outlined an anticipated timeline for going forward and indicated that the completion date could be June or July of 2023 due to anticipated delays in getting material and supplies. A special meeting may be required to get the project going.

Mayor Paul Herold opened the public hearing on the 2021-22 Budget Amendment. The clerk explained why the amendment was needed.  There were no other comments and the hearing was closed.   Motion by K. Schmitt, second by Glass to approve Resolution # 342 approving the 2021-2022 Budget Amendment. All aye. Motion carried.

Motion by K. Schmitt, second by Schroeder to approve Resolution # 341 setting building and solar permit fees at $ 50.00.   All aye.  Motion carried.

Motion by Glass, second by P. Schmitt to approve Resolution # 343 approving additional budget transfers.  All aye. Motion carried.

The proposed Soo Green Ordinance # 27 was discussed.  Motion by P. Schmitt, second by Glass to approve the first reading of Ordinance # 27. All aye:  Motion carried.

The proposed Acentek franchise agreement was discussed.  The current agreement expires in June.  Motion by K. Schmitt, second by Schroeder to approve the Acentek agreement as presented. All aye.  Motion carried.

An agreement from Local Government Professional Services (DBA Iowa Codification) was discussed.  The city code book was adopted in 2008 has not been currently updated. Iowa Codification will update with all new legislation that pertains to the city and add adopted codes not currently codified.  Motion by P. Schmitt, second by Glass to approve the agreement with Iowa Codification as resented.   All aye. Motion carried.

Our property insurance (ICAP) renewal was discussed in length.   The premium increased last year due to the city increasing the value of property to align with replacement value. This year ICAP raised the rates by approximately 17%. Motion by K. Schmitt, second by Schroeder to approve the insurance renewal as presented.   All aye. Motion carried.  There were questions regarding the Work Comp coverage with IMCA and the cost of the fire department physicals.  The clerk will check into this with Dr. Gehling and IMWCA.

Motion by Glass, second by K. Schmitt to approve the consent items (minutes of the May 4, 2022 meeting, May claims and clerks financial reports) All aye. Motion carried.



Acentek phone bill 279.28
Alliant electricity 1761.57
Badger Metering meter read serv 146.64
Baker & Taylor library books 216.37
Bank Iowa HSA cont 200.00
Bodensteiner Impl oil, filter, blades 248.24
Bruening Rock road rock 494.30
Capital One library summer reading 68.56
Citizens Svgs Bank Taxes 1948.42
CJ Trophies museum plates 28.00
Darin Barta rental fee 70.00
Decorah Chiropractic fd physicals 1088.00
Decorah Tech computer access virus s 683.12
Drillings weed eater parts 14.02
Farmers Union seed, weed control 610.00
Fayette Library audio 10.00
Forbin monthly agreement 100.00
Fort Atkinson Nursery 2 trees and mulch 283.00
Fort Atkinson Rentals rental fee 90.00
Franzen Sales & Serv ship samples steel 32.15
Hawkeye Sanitation service 2157.58
Heying MFG & LBR. Co. supplies 93.46
Hubers Store supplies 239.22
IPERS ipers 1299.50
JB Holland ppe#1 lagoon 10948.75
John Deere Fin shop spplies 202.04
Junior Library guild books 221.76
Keystone Laboratories, testing 289.75
Lakeshore kids seating 241.47
Laura Thomas continuing ed 5.00
Lee’s Repair uniloader & misc 477.00
Mid American Research shop supplies 155.00
Marilyn’s Hallmark shelving museum hp 202.00
Marv Smith Elec bulbs & repair 2197.82
Mediacom service 283.85
Mick Gage Plumbing restroom rent 285.00
MidAmerican Publish publish 244.90
U.S. Postoffice stamps, postage 80.00
Safety X-treme supplies icap grant fund 994.75
Sandry Fire Flow test fd 464.50
School Life summer reading 47.95
US Cell phone bill 104.19
UPERC cdbg adm 4538.20
Wellmark insurance 572.79
Winn Landfill electronics disposal 108.00
Accounts Payable Total 34826.15
Payroll 7309.65
Total 42135.80
Expenses by fund
General 16315.56
Library 262.47
Museum 7.00
Historic Preservation 100.00
Road Use 2365.45
Benefits 1649.19
Water 3862.49
2nd. Well 3300.81
Sewer 2742.19
Sewer Lagoon 12186.14
Total 42791.30
Revenue by fund
General 10651.42
Library 200.00
Museum 100.00
Road Use 1575.44
Benefits 380.88
Emergency 57.40
Lost 3820.55
Debt Service 542.71
Water 5588.55
Sewer 14937.31
Lagoon 10030.15
Total 47884.41



The were no building permits to be approved.  Mayor Herold stated that the Citizens Savings Bank would be submitting information at the July meeting regarding remodeling/addition to their facility.

Motion by P. Schmitt, second by Schroeder to approve Resolution # 344 to fix a date for a public hearing on the proposal to enter into a Sewer Revenue Loan and Disbursement Agreement and to borrow money thereunder in a principal amount not to exceed $ 3,080,000.   All aye. Motion carried.

Motion by K. Schmitt, second by Leuenberger to adjourn.  Meeting adjourned at 8:25 P.M.



ATTEST: _____________________________________                                    Paul Herold, Mayor

Michele Elsbernd, City Clerk