Minutes August 3, 2022

Fort Atkinson City Council Minutes
August 3, 2022

Mayor Paul Herold called the meeting of the Fort Atkinson City Council to order at 7:00 P.M., August 3, 2022 at the Fort Atkinson Community Center. Present were: Glass, K. Schmitt, P. Schmitt, Leunberger. Absent was: Schroeder. Also present were: Mayor Herold, Michele Elsbernd, Tom Madden and Ron Franzen.
Ron Franzen stated that there were an additional eight members who had their required physicals. He has been in contact with IMWCA to let them know the status of the physicals. He also stated that possibly the new water tanker would be here by the end of August. The pumper truck is due for a pumper test and that Emergency Apparatus would be coming to do the required test.
Mayor Herold opened the public hearing on the proposed plans and specifications, forms of contract and estimate of cost for the new public water supply well project. There were no written or oral comments and the meeting was closed. Motion by Glass, second by K. Schmitt to approve Resolution # 347 approving and confirming plans, specifications, form of contract and estimate of costs for the New Public Water Supply Well Project. Aye: K. Schmitt, P. Schmitt, Glass & Leuenberger. Motion carried.
Tom Madden stated there were two bids on the well: Cahoy in the amount of $ 339,545.00 and Shawver in the amount of $ 249,328.50. There was one bid on the Well House from Blazek Corporation in the amount of $ 324,875.00. He stated he felt good about the bids and recommended the council award contracts to Shawver Well and Blazek Corporation.
Motion by K. Schmitt, second by Glass to approve Resolution # 348 awarding contracts for the new water Supply Well Project as recommended by the engineer. Aye: P. Schmitt, K. Schmitt, Glass and Leuenberger. Motion carried.
Motion by Glass, second by P. Schmitt to approve Resolution # 349 setting the date for a hearing on a proposal to enter into a Water Revenue Loan and Disbursement Agreement and to borrow money thereunder. Aye: K. Schmitt, P. Schmitt, Glass & Luenberger. Motion carried.
Tom Madden stated that he did not have a pay estimate for the Lagoon project at this time.
The Soo Green Ordinance # 27 was presented for the third reading. Motion by K. Schmitt, seconded by P. Schmitt to approve the third reading and pass the ordinance as presented. Aye: Glass, Leuenberger, P. Schmitt and K. Schmitt. Motion carried.
Greg Barta explained to the council that the collector system that the city uses to get the water readings was 3G and that was going to be discontinued shortly. He stated we could either buy a new collector for approximately $ 7800.00 or to hard wire internet at a cost of approximately $ 800.00 yearly. At this time the council agreed to the yearly cost. Discussion was held regarding charging for sewer improvement fees by the “dwelling unit” rather than how it is charged currently. This would require buildings with more than one apartment to be charged the improvement fee times how many apartments were in the building. This will be discussed at future meetings.
Motion by K. Schmitt, second by Leuenberger to approve the consent items (minutes from July 3, 2022, clerks reports and claims for July) Aye: K. Schmitt, P. Schmitt, Leuenberger & Glass. Motion carried.

Acentek phone bill 277.39
Alliant electricity 2539.31
Anderson Wilmarth legal 96.00
Badger meter reading service 46.32
Bank Iowa hsa contribution 200.00
Better Homes & Gardens subscription 10.00
Bodensteiner Impl mower blades etc 310.29
Citizens Svgs FED/FICA TAX 1586.04
Consolidated Energy propane cc 1997.16
Consumer Reports subscription 32.10
Darin Barta rental fee 70.00
Decorah Tech cleanup adware 112.50
Donna Hackman CLEANING WINDOWS 321.00
Driftless Media renewal newspaper 47.00
Drillings repair stihl,trimmer line 135.67
Farmers Union deposit winter fill 600.00
Farmers Union safety checks, regulator 788.69
Forbin monthly agreement 100.00
Fort Atkinson Rentals rental fee 90.00
Franzen Sales & Services bolts and ship samples 20.38
Hawkins chemicals water 450.15
Hoopla audio visual online 63.99
Hubers Store supplies 82.08
Iamu quarterly fees 241.10
Iowa Dept Rev sales & wet tax 332.66
IDNR annual water supply fee 40.20
IPERS ipers 1022.05
JB Holland PPE#3 225430.25
John Deere Financial supplies 410.14
Keystone Laboratories, INC testing 287.00
Laura Thomas program decorations 13.05
Lee’s Repair use uni various places 344.00
Linda Betsinger speaker fee 75.00
Magnolia Journal magazine 15.00
Marv Smith Elec supplies 43.30
Mediacom internet service 283.85
Mick Gage Plumbing restroom rentals 285.00
Mid-America Publishing pub minutes 7/6 126.23
Our Town subscription 34.98
Post Office ub postage july 88.00
Real Simple subscription 11.00
SHE engineering services 47058.69
Sherwin Williams paint handicap 164.22
UPERC adm well and fees 1125.15
Wellmark health ins 572.79
Winn Treasurer tax gerleman property 62.00
Payroll July 5916.31
Total 294063.65
Claims by fund
General 12198.90
Road Use 1627.61
Benefits 772.79
Water 3949.04
2nd Well 10087.13
Lagoon 1926.22
Sewer 263501.96
Total 294063.65
Revenue by fund
General 5315.89
Road Use 5419.88
Benefits 119.94
Emergency 18.08
Lost 3820.55
Debt Serv 91.87
Water 5497.84
2nd well 634.00
Sewer 14289.66
Lagoon 277454.71
Total 312662.42

The clerk presented the Annual Report. This report was information only and does not require council approval. The clerk also presented the Street Finance Report. She stated that last year the city received $ 45,000 in road use funds and this year we received $ 38,000. This is probably due to less driving, covid and the price of gas. Motion by Glass, second by Leuenberger to approve Resolution # 350 approving the 2022 Street Finance Report. Aye; K. Schmitt, P. Schmitt, Glass and Leuenberger. Motion carried.
There were no building permits submitted.
Ordinance # 29 raising the monthly improvement fee for water from $ 5.00 to $ 8.00 was presented for the first reading. Motion by K.Schmitt, second by Leuenberger to approve the first reading or Ordinance #29 raising the monthly improvement fee for water. Aye: K. Schmitt, Leuenberger, P. Schmitt and Glass. Motion carried. This raise is necessary to meet requirements for the State Revolving Loan for the new well as recommended by the cities financial advisor.
The Lease agreement with NICC for use of the gym was discussed. Council wishes to raise the monthly rate due to the increased cost of LP gas to heat the area. The clerk will present a revised lease to NICC for consideration.

The yearly contribution to the Northeast Iowa Housing Trust Fund was discussed. It was noted that the money the city contributes can only be used by residents of the city. This fund is administered by Upper Explorerland and residents can inquire and apply for funds by calling them.
Motion by Glass, seconded by K. Schmitt to adjourn. Aye: K. Schmitt, P. Schmitt, Leuenberger & Glass. Motion carried, meeting adjourned.

Paul Herold, Mayor

Michele Elsbernd, City Clerk