City Council Minutes – November 30, 2021

Present: P. Schmitt, Leuenberger, Glass, K. Schmitt, and Schroeder. Absent: None
Paul Herold called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Greg Barta called Erdman’s to check when they will be surveying Oak Hill Cemetery. Due to their schedules, they could not give him a date. Three flags and poles have been donated in memory of Steve Sindelar, and Barta will order them. Glen Baumler and Krivachek’s plan to put rip rap on the bank by their properties. Leon Baumler will apply for the permits needed from DNR, and Barta requested a written plan. Dump truck starter had to be repaired.

Motion was made by K. Schmitt, seconded by Schroeder, to approve November, 2021 Council Minutes, November Clerk Reports and Monthly bills as presented. All Aye. Carried.

Tom Madden, SEH Engineer, sent an email that the permit for the Lagoon Project is complete and provided the schedule for the project. Johansen forwarded to Dorsey and Whitney and Speer Financial to begin the legal and financial paperwork.

No update on 2nd Well Project.

Johansen presented the Annual Street Financial Report for FY21. Motion was made by K.Schmitt, seconded by P. Schmitt, to approve as presented. All Aye. Carried.

Motion was made by Glass, seconded by P. Schmitt, to open the Public Hearing to review the Annual Financial Report for FY21. With no questions or comments, Motion was made by Glass, seconded by K. Schmitt, to close the Public Hearing. All Aye. Carried. Motion was then made by K. Schmitt, seconded by Schroeder, to approve and submit the FY21 AFR as presented. All Aye. Carried.

Discussed Solar Ordinances, K. Schmitt will get more examples for next meeting and talk with Winneshiek Energy District for direction.

Discussed implementing traffic cameras due to the amount of speeding through town. Council asked Johansen to contact Opto Traffic who has installed Fayette and West Union and invite him to the next meeting.

Discussed City Clerk position. Johansen has advised with the promotion to City Administrator at West Union, she has been asked to resign from this position. Will advertise in League of Cities, Calmar Newspaper, and check fees for Indeed.

Discussed Nuisances and P. Schmitt advised Rausch’s contacted him to relook at their property and forgive the fee. Schmitt advised everything was cleaned up, and Council agreed to remove the fee. Krivachek’s have sent letters saying they are exempt due to being a salvage/junk yard. Does a Recycler’s License as they have qualify as a salvage/junk yard? Johansen has forwarded his emails to City Attorney for review.

The computers ordered through the Cares grant have arrived, and Barta requested approval to order the other 2 tablets needed for all council to move to computer based. Motion was made by K. Schmitt, seconded by Glass to approve. All Aye. Carried.

Barta will then coordinate for the tech to come and set them all up and plan training. Johansen’s current laptop could then go to Fire Department to use.

Discussed the quote from Upper Explorerland to codify the Ordinances, and decided to put in next budget and do at that time.

Other business, K. Schmitt will ask the Depot for $5,000 for the HVAC Project match and also Winneshiek County Community Foundation Grant.

Next meeting will be January 5, 2021 at 7pm in the Community Center. Motion to adjourn was made by P. Schmitt, seconded by Leuenberger. All Aye. Carried. Meeting adjourned at 8:27 p.m.

  • Acentek – Phone $221.63
  • Alliant – Electric $1,810.86
  • Badger Meter – Fees $100.32
  • Bank Iowa – HSA Contribution $200.00
  • Calmar Courier – Publishing $118.81
  • Capital One – Safety Supplies, Tax Forms, Supplies $712.71
  • FED/FICA Taxes $1,657.20
  • Darin Barta – Rent $70.00
  • Fort Atkinson Rentals – Rent $90.00
  • Franzen Sales – UPS, Battery $547.07
  • Hawkeye Sanitation – Garbage $2,171.81
  • Hawkins – Chemicals $401.77
  • Howard’s Tire – Repair $158.00
  • Huber’s – Supplies $152.22
  • IAMU – NISA $219.18
  • Iowa One Call – Locates $23.40
  • Iowa Rural Water – Dues $225.00
  • IPERS – $1,240.42
  • John Deere – Supplies $705.12
  • Keystone – Testing $239.80
  • Lee’s Repair – Skidloader $319.50
  • Marv Smith – Bulbs $117.58
  • Mediacom – Internet $244.95
  • Mick Gage – Restroom $72.00
  • Post Office – Postage $80.00
  • US Cellular – Phones $103.92
  • Wellmark – Insurance $518.80
  • Winn Co Development – Dues $500.00
  • Payroll $6,074.70
  • Totals $19,096.77
Funds Expenses Revenue
General $ 11,561.34 $ 7,845.20
Museum $ $ 50.00
Hist Preserv $ 0
Road Use $ 841.00 $ 0
Employee Benefits $ 718.80 $ 362.01
Capital Proj $ 0 $ 0
Emergency $ $ 54.55
Debt $ 277.25
Local Opt. $ 0 $ 0
Water $ 3,851.15 $ 5,311.76
2nd Well $ 0 $ 0
Sewer $ 2,124.48 $ 9,005.15
Lagoon $ 0 $ 0
Library $ 0 $ 10.00
Total $ 19,096.77 $ 22,915.92