City Council Minutes – November 2, 2021

Present: P. Schmitt, Leuenberger, Glass, and Schroeder. Absent: K. Schmitt
Paul Herold called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Leon Baumler spoke on behalf of his brother Glen regarding the erosion along the bank from the flood. Baumler contacted the Iowa D.O.T. who came and looked at the bridge and property stating it is the “natural migration of the flow of the water” that has caused the erosion, and they are not able to assist in any repairs. Council discussed with Baumler what the property owners could try to deter any further erosion by layering larger boulders at the base and then rip rap at the top, or a concrete wall with lags screwed into the limestone. The property is all privately owned, and the City only has a 5 foot easement on each side of an outlet pipe at the end of the cul de sac. The owners would need to get DNR permits to proceed with any fix.

Ron Franzen and Jay Schwamann spoke on behalf of the Fire Department to start discussing purchase of a new truck and renovations to the fire station. They currently are making a list of pros and cons to new versus used to see best way to proceed.

Greg Barta asked if we wanted to open the gym again on Saturdays through winter and also for walkers. Council agreed. Kory Karnik will supervise the Saturdays, starting the weekend of Thanksgiving. Iowa Department of Public Health has sent out a Notification of fluoride discontinuation in the water. Fort Atkinson has never put fluoride in the water, but to be in compliance we need to put a notification on the November water bill to act on at December council meeting. The tablets for council purchased with the CARES money have arrived. Will need to purchase 2 more so all council will have them. Just waiting for Amie’s laptop to come.

Motion was made by Glass, seconded by Schroeder, to approve October 6th and October 17th, 2021 Council Minutes, October Clerk Reports and Monthly bills as presented. All Aye. Carried.

Motion was made by P. Schmitt, seconded by Leuenberger, to approve a $500 donation to Winneshiek County and Development as we did last year. All Aye. Carried.

Discussed Solar Ordinances. Council decided to review examples brought to the meeting and discuss at December meeting.

Lee’s Repair submitted a bid for snow removal raising prices just $5 over last year. P. Schmitt made a motion to approve, Leuenberger seconded. All Aye. Carried.

Next meeting will be December 1, 2021 at 7pm in the Community Center. Motion to adjourn was made by P. Schmitt, seconded by Leuenberger. All Aye. Carried. Meeting adjourned at 8:27 p.m.

  • Acentek Phone $275.17
  • Alliant Electric $2,394.25
  • Badger Meter Fees $46.32
  • Baker & Taylor Books $554.38
  • Bank Iowa HSA Contribution $200.00
  • FED/FICA Taxes $1,256.28
  • Country Woman Subscription $18.00
  • David Huinker Computer Repair $300.00
  • Decorah Chiropractic Firemen Testing $2,176.00
  • Farmer’s Union Coop Roundup $102.00
  • Franzen Sales UPS, Repairs $497.81
  • Huber’s Supplies $330.98
  • Iowa DNR Permit, Fees $1,383.50
  • Iowa League of Cities Dues $1,651.00
  • Iowa Water Training $35.00
  • IPERS $967.77
  • John Deere Supplies $59.90
  • Keystone Testing $72.80
  • Laura Thomas Supplies $29.79
  • Lee’s Repair Skidloader $612.00
  • Magnolia Journal Magazine $20.00
  • Marv Smith Water Softener $1,019.41
  • Mediacom Internet $169.95
  • NEIA Dust Dust Control $670.00
  • OverDrive Library $2,460.00
  • Post Office Postage $80.00
  • Pro Hydro Testing Testing $272.00
  • Northway Corp Well Repair $34,094.87
  • Penworthy Books $202.34
  • Travel + Leisure Magazine $15.00
  • US Cellular Phones $103.92
  • Weeds on Fire Fogging $300.00
  • Wellmark Insurance $518.80
  • Payroll $4,780.78
  • Totals $57,670.02
Funds Expenses Revenue
General $ 14,215.58 $ 50,729.26
Museum $ $ 0
Museum $ 0
Road Use $ 1,331.40 $ 3,047.38
Employee Benefits $ 2,894.80 $ 6,734.79
Capital Proj $ $ 0
Emergency $ $ 1,014.90
Debt $ 5,158.66
Local Opt. $ 0 $ 3,539.06
Water $ 36,390.03 $ 4,900.66
2nd Well $ 1,288.50 $ 0
Sewer $ 1,549.71 $ 7,815.34
Lagoon $ 0 $ 894.00
Library $ 0 $
Total $ 57,670.02 $ 83,834.05