City Officials


Paul Herold

PO Box 155 Fort Atkinson, IA   52144

Paul Herold is the mayor of Fort Atkinson. He began his four year term as mayor on January 1, 2008 and was re-elected to another four year term which expires 12/31/23.

City Council

Lori Schroeder

  PO Box 74 Fort Atkinson, IA   52144

Due to the resignation of Michelle Elsbernd, Lori was appointed January 6, 2016 to fill the vacant council position which expires 12/31/2021.

Paul Schmitt

  PO Box 306 Fort Atkinson, IA   52144

Paul was elected to a four year term beginning 1/1/2016.


Robert Glass

  PO Box 92 Fort Atkinson, IA   52144

Bob was re-elected to another four year term beginning 1/1/2018.

Kay Schmitt

  PO Box 224 Fort Atkinson, IA   52144

Kay was re-elected to another term which begins 1/1/2020.

David Schneiter

  PO Box 263 Fort Atkinson, IA   52144

Dave was re-elected to a third term which began 1/1/2016.  Dave's term ends 12/31/2019, and we Thank him for serving on Council. Dale Leuenberger will be replacing Dave effective 1/1/2020.

Maintenance, Water & Sewer Department Supervisor

Greg Barta

Contact Information:
  98 Elm Street
  PO Box 36 Fort Atkinson, IA   52144

Greg is a valuable asset to the City taking care of maintaining all aspects of the City: fixing streets, maintaining city property, mowing, plowing snow, etc.  He is also the certified operator of the water and sewer systems.

City Clerk

 Amie Johansen

Contact Information:
  98 Elm Street
  PO Box 36 Fort Atkinson, IA   52144

There are no scheduled office hours. The city clerk can be reached at the phone numbers and email address listed above.

Library Director

Chris Bodensteiner

Contact Information                                                                     
  302 3rd Street NW
  PO Box 277 Fort Atkinson, IA   52144                                                             

Visit the Library Website